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Last Updated: 28.06.23

Matt Kaeberlein: How Nutrition Impacts Longevity

Attia hosts Dr. Matt Kaeberlein, an esteemed expert in aging biology, to discuss the influence of nutrition on longevity. They explore calorie restriction, epigenetic changes, and the complex relationship between protein and mTOR. Additionally, they delve into the role of IGF‑1 signaling in lifespan. This insightful conversation sheds light on the fascinating intersection of nutrition and aging, providing valuable insights for listeners interested in optimizing their health and extending their lifespan.

Key Takeaways

Nutritional studies in laboratory animals have provided valuable insights into biological mechanisms and potential interventions for humans

A healthy diet and lifestyle can go a long way in reducing cancer risk, even if the details of IGF‑1 and growth hormone signaling are not fully understood

Focus on eating good foods, not overeating, and being active

Society and scientists sometimes overthink diet recommendations

  • This can cause anxiety about specific diet details (e.g., protein intake, ketosis, fasting windows)

Most benefits can be achieved without worrying about these details

Importance of exercise and maintaining a balanced lifestyle


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  • Matt Kaeberlein: How nutrition impacts longevity

    Attia The Drive #222

    Attia interviews Dr. Matt Kaeberlein, a renowned expert on nutrition, aging, and longevity, delving into the fascinating science behind these topics.

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