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Last Updated: 21.06.23

Dr Layne Norton: The Science of Eating for Health, Fat Loss & Lean Muscle

Huberman invites Layne Norton, Ph.D., an esteemed authority in nutrition, muscle gain, and fat loss, to discuss energy balance, diet efficacy, lean muscle building, fat reduction, protein intake, gut health, and cardiovascular well-​​being. This episode provides comprehensive insights on nutrition, metabolism, and exercise for individuals pursuing various health and fitness goals.

Key Takeaways

High level takeaways from the episode.

Prioritize total protein intake, aiming for at least 1.6 grams/​​kg of body weight

Distribute protein intake across 2–3 high-​​quality protein meals per day

Resistance training is crucial for maintaining and building lean body mass, especially when fasting or following extreme diet protocols

Mild forms of time restricted eating seem to be fine for maintaining lean body mass

Animal studies provide high subject number, control, and duration

16:8 intermittent fasting likely fine for most people’s goals (maintaining/​​losing weight, adding muscle to specific areas)

Timing and distribution of protein intake matters, but total protein intake is more important


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  • Dr Layne Norton: The Science of Eating for Health, Fat Loss & Lean Muscle 

    Huberman Lab #97

    Huberman hosts Layne Norton, Ph.D., an expert in nutrition, muscle gain, and fat loss, discussing various health and fitness topics.

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